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PHILANTHROPY – and the work of SONNE-International

When I and some like-minded persons founded SONNE-International in 2002, we had no idea what it meant to set up and run an internationally operative charitable organisation. For more than 15 years we have been confronted day after day with the apparently endless woes of this world – and it remains difficult to accept the limits of our capabilities and the narrow range of our activities.

What keeps me and my friends at SONNE-International going, however, is the  trust and support we have been given by countless philanthropists who – like us – believe that helping one person is better than complaining about the state of affairs and doing nothing.

Thank you for your support – together we can move mountains!

Erfried Malle
Chairmain SONNE-International

Your contribution

Many people feel helpless in the face of poverty and grave global problems, but SONNE-International proves that there is a way how individuals can exert a positive influence on the lives of less fortunate fellow human beings.

Donate for our projects

A development organisation must be able to rely on regular support from ist friends and backers. Small sums or big sums – we will do everything in our power to put any amount of money you may entrust us with to efficient use. It is your donation that makes our interventions possible and brings us one step closer to a fairer world. And we really cannot think of any better investment in the future. Can you? If you provide us with uncommitted funds, you will help us to continue and expand already existing, well-established projects and ensure that we can achieve sustainable, long-lasting improvements of our beneficiaries’ living conditions.

Become a sponsor

Sponsoring usually means long-term, regular support. Perhaps you are particularly interested in / concerned about one of our project countries or one of our target groups – it is entirely your decision whom you want to support! Sponsoring a specific project (or a specific person/group of persons) can be very gratifying, as you know exactly where your money goes and how the project, respectively the person(s), profit from it. It is a very direct way of helping. If the sum you can provide is sufficient, we will not hesitate to consider new projects and new approaches to use your money in the way you want us to.

One-time donations, legacies and testaments

Depending on the actual amount, a large one-time donation might be used to construct e.g. a (badly needed) building (a school for children from discriminated minority groups, a day care centre  for street children in Myanmar, a students’ hostel in Ethiopia, a sanitary block, a health care station etc. etc.), to purchase an ambulance car, medical equipment, …

There are a thousand ways of helping, there are so many things that are urgently required!

Another way of making a one-time donation is to include SONNE-International in your will, e.g. in the form of a legacy. Thus you can make sure that your money is put to good use after your demise. Your name will be remembered fondly by those who benefit from your request.

Let’s talk about it!

A few years ago one of Austria’s most eminent philanthropists said to me: “Mr. Malle, there is enough money to go round, but there are not enough projects that are eligible for support.” Great was my pleasure when he considered our projects as eligible!

I have always believed in personal contact and in talking things over. Therefore I would like to invite you to get in touch with me (by email or by telephone) – we can probably learn from each other and maybe we can even start a meaningful cooperation!

Erfried Malle (founder and chairman SONNE-International)

+43 699/194 560 52