Transparency is our concern!


The Austrian development organization SONNE-International was founded in 2002 by Erfried Malle.


Executive board:
Erfried Malle, chairman
Barbara Richter, treasurer and deputy chairwoman

Transparency and reliability

Since 2005 the Organisation has continuously been awarded the Austrian Seal of Donations. It provides evidence that SONNE-International is an approved and regularly controlled Austrian charity.

In Austria, donations made to SONNE-International are tax-deductible.

Personal continuity and low administration costs

SONNE-founder Erfried Malle has been the organisation’s chairman right from the beginning. His enthusiasm and engagement remain unchanged, he puts heart and soul into his work for deprived and destitute persons in SONNE’s project countries.

As the Vienna office is manned by only two full-time employees and four part-timers (plus several volunteers), SONNE-International has been able to keep administration costs in Austria below 10%.

Official recognition

In 2010 Dr. Susanne Prügger, co-founder of SONNE-International and long-time deputy chairwoman, was awarded the WOMAN Award for her engagement. Chairman Erfried Malle was elected Austrian of the year in the category “humanitarian engagement” in 2011.

Six different public Austrian donors as well as numerous cooperations with companies and foundations serve as proof of the trust that SONNE-International has been able to acquire through long-term, sustainable development projects.

Source of funds – revenues 2021

I)    Donations (including donations in kind)

a) uncommitted donations                      €  232,260.18

b) earmarked donations                          €  388,654.66

II)   Membership fees                               €       1,250.00

III) Institutional donors                          €    308,853.00

IV) Other income

Asset Management                                   €          72.88

Total                                          € 931,090.72

Allocation of funds – expenses 2021

I)   Expenses for statutory purposes
(project costs)                                                       € 673,271.13

II) Fundraising                                                      €   42,428.17

III) Administration costs                                     €   30,715.34

IV) Allocation to project reserves                      €  184,676.08

Total                                                    € 931,090.72

  • 72.31% of the funds were used for project purposes in the respective project countries
  • 19.83% of the funds were allocated to project reserves
  •  7.86% of the funds were used in Austria for fundraising and administration

Our annual reports (in German language)