As an internationally active Austrian aid organisation, we believe that every human being deserves a life in dignity. That is why we support marginalised children and give them free access to modern educational facilities.

In addition to education and health, we attach great importance to individual accompanying measures for the holistic, needs-oriented promotion of communities. These are the three cornerstones of our commitment to sustainable development.

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This report covers all of SONNE-International’s activities in our project countries, including Ethiopia, India, Bangladesh and Myanmar. You will also find background stories and information about our finances as well as about our supporters and partners.

Bildung gegen Armut, In 30 SONNE-Schulen in Äthiopien, Bangladesch, Indien und Myanmar

EDUCATION can put an end to poverty

According to a UNESCO report, around 264 million children worldwide have no access to education. This is the reason why children in developing countries cannot escape from the poverty trap and a life of dignity is almost impossible for them.

In order to enable people to help themselves, we pursue the goal that even marginalized children have free access to modern educational institutions. Through our state-approved SONNE schools, our training centres and day care centres in Bangladesh, India and Myanmar we give our students the chance to develop while at the same time the educational level of entire regions is gradually raised.

SONNE-International operates 30 schools

Thanks to our support, Anado Kumar can finally go to school!

Anado is one of our 2000 students and lives with his parents in a remote village in northern India. His father is a day labourer and there is no money left for school materials and school uniforms. The nearest government school is quite far away.

If people can earn their own income, they have the chance to lead self-determined lives. Sending children begging brings families money only in the short term. That is why we convince parents through information campaigns that education is the best investment in their children’s future.

Your donation gives children in remote areas access to education and medical care.

HEALTH CARE is a basic requirement

Only through access to basic medical care can children develop well and attend school regularly. In 2015, the United Nations committed themselves to promoting “health and well-being for all” with the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”.

Since its foundation in 2002, SONNE-International has been pursuing the goal that everybody, in particular marginalized children in developing countries, have free access to health care. Our health projects in Ethiopia, India, Myanmar and Bangladesh are extensive and offer medical support where it is most needed.

50 SONNE employees are active in our health projects worldwide

Nyein, too, can receive medical care now

Nyein lives with his family in a slum in Myanmar. His parents are very poor and do not have enough money to send him to a state school. Medical care is a luxury for them.

In order to support children like him, SONNE-International operates 30 educational facilities in Bangladesh, Myanmar and India. Most of the students in SONNE-International’s educational institutions have also access to basic health care.

Since only healthy children can learn successfully, our educational projects are supplemented by medical support programmes wherever possible. Your donation ensures that children like Nyein receive basic medical care and, in the event of serious illnesses or emergencies, treatment in a hospital.

Gesundheit als Basis, nur gesunde Kinder können ihr volles Potential in einer der vielen SONNE-Schulen entfalten.


We firmly believe that every human being deserves a life of dignity. In addition to education and health, we attach great importance to accompanying measures for the holistic, needs-oriented promotion of communities.

Our accompanying measures are as different and diverse as the needs of the people we support. For example, we organize campaigns against genital mutilation (FGM) in Ethiopia and self-defence courses for girls and women in India. In Myanmar and Bangladesh, we complement our educational projects with training programmes so that people can earn their own income by learning new skills.

Innovative support measures complement our educational projects

In order to further support the 2000 children who frequent our SONNE schools and to give them a good start into a dignified life, we offer extensive and tailor-made accompanying programmes for income generation, conflict prevention and development promotion in the vicinity of the SONNE schools.

Rimjim Kumari is one of our students and lives with her parents in India. Her father works in a small shop, but there is no money left for school supplies and school uniforms. Her parents are happy that Rimjim can go to a SONNE school for free and can also take part in a weekly self-defence course directly at the school.

Für ein Leben in Würde, die SONNE-Begleitmaßnahmen

SONNE-International at a glance

SONNE-International: Together for a Better World

We are an Austrian aid organization, founded in 2002, that operates internationally. 

We stand up for education, professional training and a life of dignity. 

We make a contribution to the alleviation of poverty, food security and health care. 

We care for children, women, disadvantaged population groups and minorities.

Our methods: schools, professional training, income-generating projects, basic health care

Our project countries: Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India and Myanmar

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