Jochen cycles to get street kids out of their cycle

Jochen Meissner – Austrian explorer, tourism entrepreneur and Myanmar aficionado – cycled from Yangon to Singapore on behalf of SONNE-International to raise money to take Yangon street children out of the slums and support them in a better future. He already raised y to get 40 poor Kids from the Streets into the new SONNE-International Day Care Center. But we will not stop now, let’s make it 45 children!!!

Total amount of donations 17.689 Euro

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– online form 10.795 Euro
– bank transfer (incl.Indochina&More fundraising campaign) 2.190 Euro
– made by cash in Yangon (from sponsors and private donors to our local partner SSO) 2.869 Euro
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– APA Asia Pacific Adventures 454 Euro
– made by cash in Singapore 1.200 Euro
(until October 10th)

Who is Jochen?

Jochen Meissner came to Myanmar in 2012, fell in love with the country and decided to build a life here. Jochen founded Uncharted Horizons in 2015, a cycling and trekking company based in downtown Yangon. Once that was established he did not rest on his laurels. Jochen not only keeps on exploring and creating new and unique experiences, but also goes out of his way to exert a positive influence on the communities he is involved in; whether it be by donating clothing, helping children with cleft palates or providing hot meals for those in nursing homes. He really is the perfect example of someone who cares for his fellow human beings.

What is Jochen´s goal?

This brings us to his next adventure, which is getting 40 poor street kids off the streets of Yangon! On the 26th of August 2019, Jochen, in collaboration with the Austrian NGO SONNE-International, will cycle from Yangon to Singapore over a month in order to raise money for Yangon’s Street Children. Jochen will have the company of one of his wonderful guides, Michael, for the whole 3000 km.

Jochen is a long-time supporter of SONNE-International, and together they hope to raise 15.000 Euro so that forty street Children can be provided for in the new “SONNE Street Kids Centre” for a year, where they will receive health care, two meals a day, school uniforms, learning materials and tuition classes, with the objective of integrating these kids into a regular school after a year and thereby giving them a sense of normality and the chance of a better future .

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Get a kid off the street now !

Support Jochen’s fundraiser and help him by taking on educational sponsorships for poor children in Yangoon. So you can share the privilege of a good life and give a child an education and a future in dignity.

Situation of the children in the SONNE Day Care Centers

The situation of the street children of Yangoon

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